Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rod Knee

Now that's a knee with a lot of hardware! 

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rodney's Adventures

Highmarking in La Plata Canyon, just north of Durango. It doesn't look too steep from this picture, but believe me - it is!
PS - Rodney, when are you going to take me so I can ski it?

Snowmobiling with the guys from Sledneck's. They are the one's who were in the X-Games, record setters, and in the movies. To bad they didn't have the best sleds for our area. Rodney said they didn't get to do any tricks. No backflips today!
The classic Rodney look!

He says it's warm, but it looks chilly to me!

Ballet Recital

The pictures are kind of blurry, (especially Lauren - she didn't hold still, even for a second!)but you can get the idea. Lauren danced to Sleeping Beauty Fairy Princess, but unfortunatly the music didn't work so they danced with out it. The little girls stole the show anyways.

Maddie's group danced to Hakuna Matata, but again the music they practiced to didn't work either. They put in the Lion King version, but it just wasn't the same. Oh well, that's show business!! Maddie is so graceful and did a great job. Miss Stephanie even asked her to lead the little girls in their dance!!


Being Goofy

The girls couldn't resist tackling their hairy dad!! They were being crazy! And Tanner thought they were nuts. He just wanted to play his Game Boy.